The Frontier Guard

The Frontier Guard is responsible for Finland’s internal security, subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior. The main functions of the Frontier Guard are guarding of the land borders and the territorial waters, passport control at the border crossing points, ports and airports, as well as performing of rescue operations, especially at sea.

After Finland became independent, the government made a decision on 21 March 1919 which provided that the responsibility for guarding the Finnish borders shall rest with militarily organised Frontier Guard troops subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior. The Frontier Guard developed into its current form after the wars when the Coast Guard was integrated into it and border control was extended to Finland’s western and northern borders. In the past few years, the functions and structure of the Frontier Guard have been reorganised to respond to the changes in the immediate surroundings.

The Chief of the Frontier Guard exercises operational command. He is assisted by the Frontier Guard Headquarters, which at the same time forms the Ministry of the Interior’s Frontier Guard Department. The four frontier guard districts, the two coast guard districts and the Air Patrol Squadron are responsible for controlling border and sea areas within their respective area. Staff training takes place at the Frontier and Coast Guard School.

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