Ministry of Transport and Communications
In the Government, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) handles matters related to shipping and other waterborne traffic, marine research, and ports where they are not handled by other ministries.

IMO – International Maritime Organization
The International Maritime Organization, International Maritime Organization (IMO) is a UN special body, which handles technical shipping matters. Its headquarters is in London.

Finnish Transport Agency
The Finnish Transport Agency is a government agency operating under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and it is responsible for the maintenance and development of the transport system overseen by the government. The Finnish Transport Agency was formed on 1 January 2010 as the waterways functions of the Finnish Maritime Administration, the Finnish Rail Administration and the central administration of the Finnish Road Administration merged.

Finnish Transport Safety Agency
The main responsibilities of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) consist of regulating and supervising the transport system, actively improving its safety and promoting environmentally friendly traffic.

The Agency’s goal is to raise the safety and environmental standards of the Finnish transport system to the highest international level.

Finnish Navy
Finnish Navy is responsible for maritime surveillance, repelling territorial violations and safeguarding vital sealines of communication. Finland´s 675 nautical miles of marine border, its shallow and rock-strewn archipelago, long, dark and icy winters and the vital importance of sea transport to Finland´s prosperity make the Navy´s field of operations littoral, unique and challenging. The Navy comprises the headquarters and seven units and establishments including naval and coastal elements.

The Frontier Guard
The Frontier Guard is responsible for Finland’s internal security, subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior. The main functions of the Frontier Guard are guarding of the land borders and the territorial waters, passport control at the border crossing points, ports and airports, as well as performing of rescue operations, especially at sea.