Overview and Activities

The Finnish Maritime Society, in Finnish ”Meriliitto”, in Swedish ”Sjöfartsförbundet”, is a society, the purpose of which is to work for the benefit of the Finnish maritime culture and to promote activities related to the sea. The activities of the society, which is based in Helsinki, cover the entire country.

The members are Finnish citizens or corporations or other organizations, typically connected to shipping, port activities, maritime industries, shipbuilding and services, the marine defence forces and civil private persons with an interest in maritime issues. The society has over 280 members, of which organization members some forty.

The Maritime Society has long concentrated its activities to the Finnish sea cluster, that is companies and associations operating in the maritime sectors. As a marine cooperation forum, the Society enhances the importance to our country of shipping and other marine operations, and its target is to increase the interest in and knowledge and appreciation of the maritime sectors. Although the Maritime Society, now more than 80 years old, operates on a non-profit basis and with volunteer resources, it is a good link and channel of influence to the whole sea cluster, political decision makers, the press and the general public.

In order to bring forward the importance of the different sectors of Finnish maritime activities for the country, and to promote cooperation between its members, as well as knowledge of maritime matters, the society arranges meetings for its members, with high-level presentations of actual issues.

The society also arranges meetings with external organisations and groups of importance for the maritime industry, in order to brief them on actual matters of interest.

The Finnish Maritime Society acts as a channel for joint opinions of the maritime sectors represented by its members, in maritime matters of importance.

It arranges excursions and visits to places of maritime interest. The society has also regularly arranged well attended ship model exhibitions. The previous exhibition, held in Helsinki in 2002, was visited by nearly 23500 people.

Since 1986, The Finnish Maritime Society has granted its ”Maritime Achievement- Honorary Award” as a recognition of major achievements for increasing knowledge and appreciation of maritime culture. This respected award has so far been granted seven times.

The Finnish Maritime Society seeks to develop its actions also to the benefit of less represented sectors of the Finnish maritime cluster. The goal of the society is to be a joint forum for promoting and utilising the interests of the Finnish maritime cluster.